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Because “time is money”, initiate the proceeding for recovery of debts. Turn to the services of specialists to increase your chances of success and to recover your money in a short time.

The services for recovery of debts consist of a complex of determining factors, from various fields: law, psychological aptitudes, economic abilities… Appeal to a specialized cabinet in recover debts and you’ll have access to all these.

The managers of companies have the statutory obligation to initiate the proceedings for recovery of debts. Relieve yourself from this task and access the qualified services for recovery of debts. In this way you’ll have more time to develop your own business.

The birth of a debt implies the existence of two entities, natural persons and/or legal persons  in collaboration relations, partnership, economic, etc, relations, as result of which one of the entities suffered a patrimonial prejudice in goods, services or money, prejudice which needs fixing.
Send the documents which prove your debt by fax, e-mail or mail according to the data within the agreement, and one of our specialists will contact you in the shortest time.

The recuperator:
– is not allowed to harass, to offense or to abuse the debtor or any other implied third party
– is not allowed to threaten, violently or using an obscene language;
– is not allowed to misinform the debtor regarding the proceedings for recovery of the debts, such as:
the value of the debt, the gravity of the action, legal ground of undertaken actions,
results of the performed actions.

Specific Activities:

    – Identification of debtors.
– Notification of debtors.
– Telephonic contact of debtors.
– Meetings for direct conciliation of debtors.
– Proceedings at the Courts of Law for obtaining executory titles.
– Assistance and representation in all Courts of Law by attorneys with a vast experience in the field
of recovery of debts, commercial law, banking etc.
– Contractual confidentiality.

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