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Concluding, developing, terminating civil contracts, respectively:
– Act of sale regarding goods;
– Maintenance contracts and life annuity;
– exchange contracts;
– lease contracts;
– loan agreements;
– bailment agreement;
– unnamed, atypical contracts in relation to the party’s claims.

Counseling and representation connected to contractual liability;
– actions to determine the absolute or relative invalidity of contracts;
– actions in solution or canceling contracts;

Counseling and representation connected to tort liability

Counseling and representation regarding the property right;
– actions in real-estate claims;
– holder actions;
– retirement from joint ownership over real-estates (houses and lands);
– demarcation of land boundaries;
– constitute servitudes.

Actions and requests for recovery of entitlement laws:
– actions in claims;
– payment requests;
– debt recovery.

Legal assistance for real-estate law enforcement;

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